Today, on February 24, 2020, in Skopje, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of North Macedonia in front of the professional and professional public, in front of the twenty institutions that make up the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and in front of guests from the country and Sweden, promoted February 24 as NSDI Day in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The functioning of the NSDI is regulated by the Law on National Spatial Data Infrastructure. This Law is harmonized with the European Directive no. 2007/2 / EC (INSPIRE). It is a set of metadata, collections of spatial data and services for spatial data, technologies, exchange, access and use agreements, mechanisms, processes and procedures for coordination and monitoring.

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre is responsible for establishing and maintaining access to the NSDI geoportal, as well as for maintaining metadata services, keeping a metadata register and trainings.

Within the National Geoportal, all members of the NSDI Council who have spatial data at their disposal are obliged to publish metadata, spatial data collections and spatial data services. The publication of metadata, spatial data collections and spatial data services is performed in accordance with national and European - INSPIRE accepted standards.

Opening the event, the Director of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of North Macedonia, Boris Tundzev, said: "Geospatial data is part of the United Nations agenda for sustainable development until 2030, which calls for globally coordinated activities in the collection and integration of new data. The role of this data is further enhanced, as it enables disaster risk reduction and enhances access to geospatial data platforms.

February 24 will be the day of the NSDI in North Macedonia. On this day, the achievements will be shared, but also there will be serious debates about the needs for further growth and promotion of the NSDI ", added Tundzev, announcing that the NSDI Day in our country will be traditional.

The intention with the proclamation of this NSDI Day is that every following year on this day, the NSDI Stakeholders and stakeholders have the opportunity to gather in one place and discuss current events in the NSDI, to present the achieved results and find common forces to overcome the detected weaknesses.

You can find the presentations from the event on the following links (url1url2url3url4url5url6url7).