The fifth session of the NSDI Council was held on 9.12.2021 in the Government of Republic of North Macedonia. The work of the session chaired by the President of the Council – Fatmir Bytyqi, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic affairs, coordination of the economic spheres of action and investments, was realized according to the proposed agenda.

The Report on the realization of 2021 Annual NSDI Programme was also reviewed and adopted on the session. In addition, the proposed 2022 Annual NSDI Programme was reviewed and discussed as well. Six institutions will be involved in the realization of the NSDI Programme (Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Interior, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Spatial Planning Agency, State Statistical Office and Department of Geology of Republic of North Macedonia).

The Council had a positive opinion on the Programme and such opinion will be submitted to the Government of Republic of North Macedonia for the purpose of adoption thereof. The proposal submitted by the Ministry of Interior about the change of their member in the Institutional and Legal Affairs and Capacity Building Workgroup was reviewed and accepted on the session.