On September 22, 2021, within the project "Cooperation for Digital Democracy", a workshop on the topic "Open Data" was held. The workshop was attended by 23 participants from the following institutions: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Ministry of Economy, Central Registry, Geological Survey, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, as well as from the company GDI Skopje and from the Swedish Cadastre – Lantmateriet.

In the European Union, open data is regulated by the Public Sector Directive – the PSI Directive. Open data have open format, are used free of charge and without restricting users. The Swedish Cadastre applies the license of the Creative Commune "SS-0" to the open data.


At the workshop, it was emphasized that when opening the data, the impact of the financial aspect on the institution should be taken into account, which requires support from the Government in the form of grants.

The Swedish experience presented for open data showed that they provide great benefits, especially due to the fact that they enable the creation of value-added data, which have a positive impact on the society.