Organized by the Agency for Real Estate Cadaster, the NSDI Department, and within the framework of the project “Cooperation for Digital Democracy”, a workshop was held on December 1, 2021, entitled “Business Model – Initial Activities”. NSDI entities were invited and attended the workshop.

The draft version of the business model was presented, which should be adopted in the future and used as a Macedonian NSDI business model. All items in the program in which the data will be entered were elaborated in detail, such as the topics of spatial data sets defined in the Law on NSDI, Article 5, then the name of the data and the name of the Entity that owns it. The important issues included in the document referred to whether the user must formally request the data and whether a fee is required for the requested data. Furthermore, they also referred to the type of data, whether they are open or closed and whether data restrictions apply.

Then, the Creative Commons licenses were presented, which are copyright licenses that allow authors to set the rights they will retain or waive. The holders of spatial data sets usually retain their copyrights. However, CC licenses regulate this issue. Therefore, there are several types of licenses, and each one differs according to the terms of distribution. Also, as it was emphasized, every license is valid worldwide and since it is based on copyrights, it is valid as long as that copyright or related right is valid.

A discussion took place in relation to these topics between those present at today’s training, who provided examples from their everyday work, but were also interested in how exactly this process will take place, primarily because all NSDI Entities are holders of spatial data sets that should be entered in the business spreadsheet.