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NSDI Working Groups:

– working group on institutional and legal issues and capacity building;   Решение
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– technology working group (standards, metadata, services, etc.);   Решение

- public relations and communications working group;   Решение
- working group on economic issues.   Решение


Subjects with signed agreement for exchange of spatial data and services 

CodeName of NSDI subjectDate of signing
0005Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy05.04.2016
0007Ministry of Culture05.04.2016
0013Agency for Real Estate Cadastre05.04.2016
0014Spatial Planning Agency05.04.2016
0015Central Registry of the Republic of Northern Macedonia05.04.2016
0016Crisis Management Center05.04.2016
0018Economic chamber of Macedonia05.04.2016
0020Geological Survey of the Republic of Northern Macedonia05.01.2017
0012State Statistical Office07.04.2017
0003Ministry of Interior25.03.2019
0017City of Skopje27.05.2019
0002Ministry of Defense08.06.2019
0019Association of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia16.11.2020
0009Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning05.12.2020
0001Ministry of Justice25.12.2020