НИПП ден

Today is the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Day in Republic of North Macedonia. On 24 February the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre organizes the celebration of this day second year in a row.

This year, a dedicated online conference was held on the NSDI Day where the actual conditions with the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in our country were discussed and international experience was shared as well.


The geospatial data are part of the agenda of the United Nations for sustainable development until 2030, which calls for globally coordinated activities within the process of gathering and integration of new data.

Since the establishing of NSDI until today, AREC continuously supports the application of new technologies, standards and services, which is clearly shown on the new NSDI geo-portal which was promoted today on the NSDI day which ensures fast, automated and continuous access to spatial data and their interoperable exchange.NSDI geo-portal, from the aspect of system, integrates spatial data from all state institutions into one centralized place from where they are made available for use to all users in and outside of Republic of North Macedonia.

NSDI geo-portal is one of the more significant achievements in the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre for 2020. It consists of multiple components:browser application, meta data catalogue with a tool for meta data creation, application for review of maps i.e. GIS reviewer, registries, administrative module and basic module for e-commercial services.NSDI geo-portal is the central access point to several centrally managed registries which provide references via unique identifiers.

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre coordinates NSDI activities in which 20 institutions –National Spatial Data Infrastructure members participate.The number of 161 published meta data and 79 web services refer to 82 types of spatial data published by 5 institutions.Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Crisis Management Centre, Cultural Heritage Protection Office and Spatial Planning Agency state that the geo-portal is in its advanced phase and even though it is continuously updated with new data, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre invites the citizens, state administration bodes and the public and private sector to use the data posted on the NSDI geo-portal.